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7 Jan 2019
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I have compiled a computer service and diagnostic checklist that I use, feel free to use my template down below:
  • (If primary drive is added) former primary drive cleaned and formatted first
  • (If secondary drive is added) secondary drive cleaned and formatted first
  • Dual drive upgraded models have both drives installed
  • SATA configuration set to AHCI or appropriate for drive setup
  • Primary SSD/HDD is imaged with correct OS for model
  • RAM and SSD/HDD is installed and secured correctly
  • Correct SSD/HDD and RAM types confirmed
  • Optical drive tray (if present) ejects and reloads
  • Wi-Fi adapter is working (if applicable)
  • Operating system prepared for first use setup
  • One complete shutdown and restart performed
For Non-OEM imaged upgrades, here are the additional checklist:
  • Official graphics and audio drivers and all other drivers installed
Model: __________ / Tested by: __________ / Date: ___/___/_____.

This checklist is very useful for computer upgrades.

Also, feel free to comment down below if you think I missed anything, I'll add on the list here.
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