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7 Jan 2019
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If anyone’s remote control battery needs replacing, here’s from my Nissan Leaf 30kWh (2017). It uses a CR2025 battery that’s available in major stores. To open the car’s remote: pry it with a flathead screwdriver.


Replacing the battery doesn’t need to re-pair the key with the car.

Related other things to be aware of:
📍thumb nail works better than screwdriver (if you have a strong nail) 💪
📍observing polarity embossed on the plastic cover is a must ⚠️
📍you can still start the car even if the battery is dead 💡
📍the FOB is not water-tight 💦🚫
📍the metal key is hidden inside the FOB 💡
📍if kept inside short's pocket - FOB can easily fell off and hide under the seat, and if the car is set up for auto door lock - with dead key battery you can lock yourself out 💢🤯
📍you can start the car with the key, but drive away without 💡
📍CR2032's should also work they're a bit deeper (being 3.2mm rather than 2.5mm ) but knowing this might get you out of a tight spot ✅
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