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List of the movies I watched


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7 Jan 2019
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I recommend the following movies:

2021Till DeathNetflixA woman finds herself shackled to her dead spouse as part of a revenge plot. As the rest of the plan unfolds, a desperate battle for survival begins.
2021AwakeNetflixAfter a global event wipes out humanity's ability to sleep, a troubled ex-soldier fights to save her family as a society and her mind spiral into chaos.
2021Army of the DeadNetflixAfter a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.
2021Sweet GirlNetflixHe lost the love of his life to a pharmaceutical company's greed. Now his daughter is without a mother, and he's without justice.
2021BeckettNetflixAn American tourist goes on the run in Greece after a tragic accident plunges him into a political conspiracy that makes him a target for assassination.
2021Blood Red SkyNetflixWhen a group of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic flight, a mysteriously ill woman must unleash a monstrous secret to protect her young son.
2021Hostage HouseNetflixA realtor and her daughter get taken captive by two fugitive criminals during an open house, forcing her to find creative ways to ensure their survival.
2021FatherhoodNetflix — Inspired by a true storyA widowed new dad copes with doubts, fears, heartache, and dirty diapers as he sets out to raise his daughters on his own.
2021Chernobyl 1986Netflix — Based on a true eventAfter reuniting with a lost love, firefighter Alexey retries to begin a new life — but the Chernobyl disaster suddenly plunges him back into danger.
2021I Am All GirlsNetflix — Based on a true event in South Africa (Drama & Mystery)A relentless detective finds common ground with a killer systematically targeting the perpetrators running a powerful child-trafficking ring.
2020Bad Boys for LifeThe wife and son of a Mexican drug lord embark on a vengeful quest to kill all those involved in his trial and imprisonment -- including Miami Detective Mike Lowrey. When Mike gets wounded, he teams up with partner Marcus Burnett and AMMO -- a special tactical squad -- to bring the culprits to justice.
2020BeckyNetflix — A bit goryA rebellious teen fights violence with violence to defend her family when their weekend getaway is interrupted by people who have fled from prison.
2020The Invisible ManExcellent thriller movie, about a woman being haunted by an invisible man.
2020The VanishedA family vacation takes a terrifying turn when parents Paul and Wendy discover their young daughter has vanished without a trace. Stopping at nothing to find her, the search for the truth leads to a shocking revelation.
2020Project PowerNetflixMaybe you'll become bulletproof. Maybe you'll turn invisible. Maybe you'll explode. Whatever happens, this pill will change everything.
2020SpellNetflixAfter a plane crash, a lawyer awakens, injured and alone, in a hoodoo practitioner's attic. Now he must break free of her magic before the blood moon.
2020PeninsulaA standalone sequel to the 2016 film Train to Busan.A soldier and his team battle hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies in the wastelands of the Korean Peninsula.
2020ExtractionNetflixA hardened mercenary's mission becomes a soul-searching race to survive when he's sent into Bangladesh to rescue a drug lord's kidnapped son.
2020Fantasy IslandShooting location: Navodo Bay, Fiji.A group of contest winners arrives at an island hotel to live out their dreams, only to find themselves trapped in nightmare scenarios.
2020Body CamCops involved with covering up a murder by getting rid of their body cam video footage find themselves haunted by an evil spirit.
2020BloodshotAugmented soldiers
2020Sonic the HedgehogPerfect for watching with the family, about a gifted hedgehog that being chased by a doctor.
2020UnderwaterKepler 822, a research and drilling facility operated by Tian Industries at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, is struck by a strong earthquake.
2020The Postcard KillingsA New York detective team investigates the death of his daughter who was murdered while on her honeymoon in London.
2020365 DaysMassimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family, and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him.
2020Escape from PretoriaBased on the true storyHow a convicted demonstrator made his escape from the Pretoria prison.
2020Dangerous LiesNetflixA broke caregiver unexpectedly inherits her patient's estate, but dark secrets swirl around her newfound wealth, tangling her in deceit and danger.
2020The SleepoverNetflix —Family Comedies, Action & Adventure, Nice happy endingWhat do you do if a crew of international thieves kidnaps your parents? You begin a wild overnight adventure — complete with spy gear.
2019Alita the battle angel 99A girl woke up in the future with cyborg upgrades.
2019The SilenceNetflixWith the world under attack by deadly creatures who hunt by sound, a teen and her family seek refuge outside the city and encounter a mysterious cult.
2019MaNetflixWhen a woman agrees to buy booze for a group of teens, they begin to party in her basement — but her hospitality soon turns into obsession.
2019The AeronautsInspired by true eventsA couple ascends to 37,000 feet using a balloon.
2019RocketmanLGBT movieThe story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.
2019CountdownA young nurse downloads an app that tells her that she only has three days to live.
2019The Boy Who Harnessed The WindNetflix, Based from true story.Inspired by a science book, 13-year-old William Kamkwamba builds a wind turbine to save his Malawian village from famine.
2019Ip Man 4: The FinaleInspired by a true storyIp Man and his son encounter racial discrimination after travelling to the United States to seek a better life.
2018ReplicasNetflix — I love the happy endingAfter losing his family in a tragic car accident, a neuroscientist tries to bring them back in a cloning experiment that attracts controversy and chaos.
2018Mortal EnginesFeels like watching a Final Fantasy gameIn a post-apocalyptic new world, a young woman and her rebel friends seek to stop the giant mobile city of London from devouring everything in its path.
2018Ready Player OneNetflix — Immerse in an online game with a real threat in the real worldIn a world on the brink of collapse, a talented gamer takes the lead in a series of challenges to win ownership of a massive virtual reality universe.
2018GretaNetflixWhen a trusting young woman returns a left-behind handbag to a lonely widow, they spark up a friendship that soon turns into something sinister.
2018Day of The Dead: BloodlineNetflixA former medical student battles for survival against an evil human-zombie hybrid determined to destroy her, in this reimagining of the 1985 classic.
2018Mile 22A small team of elite American intelligence officers, part of a top-secret tactical command unit, try to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of Indonesia.
2018Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVeyNetflix — Based on true eventsAfter a horrifying kidnapping and narrow escape, a Florida teen struggles to convince family and authorities of her ordeal.
2018Trial by FireNetflix — based on a true story, explicit language.A woman who develops a close relationship with a death row inmate sets out to prove the man was wrongfully convicted of killing his children in a fire.
2017BaywatchNetflix — Action & Adventure, ComediesTo save their beach, elite lifeguard Mitch Buchannon and a former Olympian probe a criminal plot that threatens the future of the bay.
2017JungleNetflixAfter getting separated from his friends in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, a travelet tries to survive three desperate weeks on his own.
2016Don't BreatheNetflixHe's blind and rich — the perfect target for robbery. But the tables turn when three thieves find themselves in a lethal game of cat and mouse.
2016Deepwater HorizonNetflix — based on true eventsThis dramatisation of the 2010 catastrophe on the titular oil rig also chronicles the 12 hours leading up to what became a colossal human-made disaster.
2016CriminalNetflixTo stop a terrorist plot, the government implants memories and skills from a dead CIA agent into a condemned killer who becomes emotionally changed.
2016CollideAn ex-pat living in Germany is pulled back into the deadly but lucrative underworld when he learns his girlfriend in need of costly surgery.
2016The ShallowsApple TVStranded on a giant rock 180 metres from the shore, an injured surfer must fight for her life as a great white shark circles her in its feeding ground.
2016IntrudersApple TVAnna suffers from a severe case of agoraphobia and cannot escape from her house when three people break-in. The intruders think they will get away easily until Anna's other psychoses break free.
2016Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XVNetflixKing Regis of Lucis orders his Kingsglaive warriors to stop the army of Niflheim before it invades and steals the crystal that gives Lucis it's power.
2015ChappieNetflix — based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nice ending.In a futuristic society where a robot police force keeps crime at bay, a. lone droid gains the power of artificial intelligence.
2015EX_MACHINANetflix — It's a nice movie, I just don't really like the ending, but it's still worth watching.A coder at a tech company wins a week-long retreat at the compound of his company's CEO, where he's tasked with testing a new artificial intelligence.
2015SurvivorNetflixFramed after a terrorist bombing, a U.S. embassy employee is on the run in London, while trying to stop another pending attack.
2015Point BreakNetflixOnce a motocross star, a uniquely qualified FBI agent goes undercover to nab Zanic eco-terrorist who seek enlightenment by committing extreme heists.
2015EverestNetflix — Based on the true storyIn 1996, a rival mountaineering team attempt to scale Mount Everest, but when a blizzard hits the summit, the climbers must fight to stay alive.
2015BlackhatNetflixA convicted super-hacker is released from jail so he can help a team of American and Chinese experts track down a cyberterrorist. The story ended in Indonesia.
2015Black SeaNetflixA hard-driving submarine captain is hired to steal gold from a sunken Nazi sub, but there's no honour among thieves during this underwater heist.
2015Ip Man 3Inspired by a true storyIp Man must help the police guard his son's school from a corrupt property developer. In the meantime, he has to look after his terminally ill wife and defend his title.
2014Taken 3Ex-government operative Bryan Mills finds his life shattered when he's falsely accused of a murder that hits close to home. As a savvy police inspector pursues him, Mills employs his particular set of skills to track the real killer and exact his unique brand of justice.
2014No Good DeedNetflixA devoted mother who offers a handsome stranger help is caught up in a hostage nightmare when the man turns out to be a deranged escaped convict.
2014Gone GirlNetflixHis marriage crumbling, Nick comes home one day to find his wife has vanished. And as the police turn up the heat, shocking truths come to light.
2013HomefrontNetflixWhen an ex-DEA agent is widowed, he moves with his young daughter to a small town, but a meth-making drug trafficker shatters his life.
2012Taken 2In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.
2012The Cold Light of DayNetflixWhen his family falls prey to kidnappers while on holiday in Spain, Wall Street whiz kid Will Shaw frantically sets out to get the back.
2011AbductionNetflixWhen a teen comes across his own childhood photo on a missing persons website, he begins to question everything he's ever known.
2011Dream HouseNetflixAbandoning high-stress Manhattan, Will moves to a quiet New England town but learns that his new home was the site of several brutal murders.
2010The Next Three DaysNetflix — Nice endingWhen his wife is sent to jail on murder charges she fervently denies, a college professor hatches a detailed plan for the ultimate prison escape.
2010Ip Man 2Inspired by a true storyWing Chun martial arts master Ip Man (Donnie Yen) and his family are moving from Foshan, China, to Hong Kong, where Ip aspires to create a school so that he may teach his fighting techniques to a new generation.
2008TakenWhile vacationing with a friend in Paris, an American girl is kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers intent on selling her into forced prostitution. Working against the clock, her ex-spy father must pull out all the stops to save her. But with his best possibly behind him, the job may be more than he can handle.
2008Ip ManInspired by a true storyIp Man is a 2008 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and teacher of Bruce Lee. The film focuses on events in Ip's life that supposedly took place in the city of Foshan during the Sino-Japanese War.
2007I Am LegendNetflix — Movies based on booksAfter a global catastrophe, a military scientist fights for survival in a deserted New York City teeming with nocturnal, bloodthirsty mutants.
2002EnoughNetflixAn abused wife realises her husband isn't the wonderful man she once thought he was. When she escapes with her daughter, he pursues them relentlessly.
2001Don't Say A WordNetflixA New York City shrink must extract the whereabouts of some hidden bank loot from the mind of a violent and catatonic metal patient.
1999Double JeopardyNetflixA woman arrested for her husband's murder is sentenced to six years. She suspects that she was framed, so on her release, she sets out to find her son and the truth behind the murder.
1998U.S. MarshalsNetflixA convicted murderer is on his way to prison when his jet nose-dives into the Louisiana bayou. He escapes, with a U.S. marshal hot on his heels.
1995OutbreakNetflixWhen an infectious disease enters a small town via a monkey, a team of doctors races against the clock to stop the spread and find an antidote.
1993The FugitiveA doctor wrongly convicted of murder escapes from custody, but as he tries to find the real killer. A gung-ho U.S. Marshal is hot on his trail.
1993Point of No ReturnNetflixIn this American remake of La Femme Nikita, cop killer Maggie Hayward is on death row. After the government stages her execution by lethal injection, she wakes up to an unusual offer: Become a government assassin, or die.
1992Passenger 57NetflixAir marshal John Cutter must stop notorious terrorist Charles Rene from killing hostages on board a flight that should have delivered Rene to jail.

Children & Family Movies:

2021VivoNetflixA music-loving kinkajou embarks on the journey of a lifetime to fulfill his destiny and deliver a love song for an old friend.
2021Wish DragonNetflixDetermined teen Din is longing to reconnect with his childhood best friend when he meets a wish-granting dragon who shows him the magic of possibilities.
2021The Mitchells vs. the MachinesNetflix: Finally a Sci-Fi action-comedy movie for kids.A robot apocalypse put the brakes on their cross-country road trip. Now it's up to the Mitchells — the world's weirdest family — to save the human race.
2019AbominableNetflixAn orphaned tomboy and her silly sidekicks help an escaped yeti journey across China to return to his Himalayan home, with a hunter in hot pursuit.
2015HomeNetflixWhen misfit alien Oh mistakenly sends a party invite to the entire galaxy, he goes on the run to avoid trouble and befriends spunky human girl Tip.
2005Are we there yet?Netflix — great endingTo impress a single mom, a determined suitor offers to take her kids on a road trip and is then forced to endure their wildly mischievous antics.

I'd recommend the following series:

2021Hit & RunNetflix 9 episodesA man searching for the truth behind his wife's death becomes caught up in a dangerous web of secrets and intrigue stretching from New York to Tel Aviv.
2020The BarrierNetflixIn 2045 Spain is part of a dictatorial regime where a fence separates the privileged from the rest of the population.
2020AwayNetflixAs the mission launches, Emma finds her mettle as commander tested by an onboard accident, a divided crew and a family emergency back on Earth.
2019Black SummerNetflixSet in the "Z Nation" universe, this series follows a crack team of special forces as it fights for hope in the darkest hours of the zombie apocalypse.
2019Another LifeNetflixAfter saying goodbye to her family on earth, Nikon Wakes space to find the Salvare off course and divided loyalties among her young crew.
2018The RainNetflixThe world as we know it has come to an end, due to a rain-carried virus that wiped out nearly everybody in Scandinavia. Six years after that event, two Danish siblings emerge from the safety of the bunker where they have been staying. After discovering all remnants of civilization gone, they join a group of fellow young survivors, and together they head out on a danger-filled quest throughout the abandoned land in search of signs of life. The survivors think they have been set free from societal rules of the past, but they quickly find that even in a post-apocalyptic world there is love, jealousy and other coming-of-age dilemmas that young people have always faced.
20163%NetflixIn the distant future, most of the population lives in poverty in an area known as the Inland. There is an elite group, though, that is chosen to live in a virtual paradise, the Offshore. Every year, each 20-year-old gets a chance to make it to the island paradise by taking a series of tests. Only three per cent of the candidates succeed and qualify to leave the impoverished Inland area. One of the newest residents of the Offshore is Michele, a naive young woman with no family who has a strong sense of justice.
2014The 100NetflixA nuclear conflict has decimated civilisation. A century later, a spaceship accommodating humanity's lone survivors dispatch 100 juvenile delinquents back to the Earth to determine its habitability.
2014Z NationNetflixSeveral years since a zombie virus swept across America, there's only one person -- who goes by just Murphy -- known to have survived the infection -- the world's last hope at creating a vaccine. The last functioning viral lab needs blood from him for its antibodies, but the facility is in California and the man is in New York. A ragtag group of strangers works to transport him to the West Coast, but his dark secret remains hidden, which could threaten everyone. Hammond and his second in command, Garnett, initially lead the group of the living -- later replaced by Lt. Warren -- and computer hacker Citizen Z helps everyone navigate through the zombie-infested terrain. When the group meets a man in Colorado, he offers to take Murphy the rest of the way to California. When nuclear weapons are launched, people head into survival mode and become desperate to find a cure.

I'll keep adding here as I go.
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