7 Jan 2019
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Tired of pressing Command + V every time your Mac boot just to see what's running behind the Apple logo?

We can add a boot argument to NVRAM to make our Mac boot with verbose boot enabled permanently.

This is a very safe operation, and can be undone completely just like the original was.

Firstly, let me show you how to view your current NVRAM configuration, open Terminal and enter the following command:
nvram -p
If you can't find boot-args value, then your Mac is booting normally.

To have your Mac always boot in verbose mode, type the following command:
sudo nvram boot-args=-v
Now if you type the first command above, you will see boot-args=-v parameter has been added, and your Mac will now boot in verbose mode.

andy-mac:~ andy$ nvram -p |grep boot-args
boot-args       -v
andy-mac:~ andy$
To undo this and make your Mac boot as it normally was, type:
sudo nvram -d boot-args
Verbose Mode is no different than macOS’ normal booting mode.

In a nutshell, Verbose Mode replaces the startup graphics with a text-only mode to show you everything the computer is doing during the boot process. All Startup Items and Login Items are loaded normally in Verbose Mode, as are required kernel extensions, user-installed fonts, drivers and so forth.

So if you're a developer, have startup issues, have a custom hardware setup or just curious, give this a try, it's always great and fun to see your Mac boot in verbose mode.

I tested this on the latest macOS Mojave 10.14 and it worked perfectly fine.