Change Email Domain in SmarterMail Server


If we ever need to change the email domain name on SmarterMail, here's quick tutorial on how to do it.

Please refer to the following scenario:

The Pretendco organisation is changing its domain from to, and the users (obviously) want to keep their email contents intact.

And here are the existing users:

The main goal is to change their email address to:

Follow these steps to change the domain name:
  1. Setup the new domain name on SmarterMail just like usual
  2. Add the users, i.e. and just like usual
  3. It's recommended that you stop the SmarterMail service before proceeding to step 3 (I didn't stop the SmarterMail service and it worked for me)
  4. Now copy the user folder from the old domain to the new domain. By default the user folder can be found at:
  5. Restart the SmarterMail service (you can also wait until the folder get re-indexed)
  6. Delete the user from the old domain and create a forwarding rule if necessary, so the users will not miss their email