A Cautionary Tale: My Frustrating Encounter with Secure Parking’s Dispute Process


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7 Jan 2019
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As many of you know, I usually don’t use my platform to vent personal frustrations. However, I feel compelled to share a recent experience that highlights an issue many of us might face: the arduous journey of disputing a parking charge.

The Incident:
On 12/01/2024, I paid $2.50 for parking at Northmed Dental at 3 Akoranga Drive, Northcote, Auckland 0627, which has a car park managed by Secure Parking. This was an expense I incurred under the belief that I would be visiting my dentist. However, upon arrival, I was informed that the dentist was unavailable, and I promptly vacated the parking spot—all within three minutes.

The Dispute:
Confident that this was a straightforward situation, I reached out to Secure Parking for a refund using a phone call from my car. I spoke with Grace, a customer service agent, who requested a screenshot of my parking receipt. I fulfilled this request while on the line with her, and she immediately accepted my receipt and submitted it for the refund process. However, my request was met with an unexpected denial from Aldrin Caranto, another representative of Secure Parking. The grounds? "Insufficient proof." This was despite the clear evidence I provided: a detailed timeline, a screenshot of a 5:06-minute call with Grace at 12:52 (implying I initiated the call at 12:46 and had left the parking by 12:43), and the possibility of cross-verifying with their CCTV footage.

Below is the original email that Grace sent to me while I was on the line with her:

I then immediately replied with the parking receipt. Also, in this screenshot, there are timestamps and call minutes showing I was still on the line with Grace for more than 5 minutes:

After no reply nor communication for more than three days, on 15/01/2024, I sent this follow-up email:

Two days later, on 17/01/2024, Aldrin Caranto replied with this:

Despite multiple follow-up emails I sent to them, they remained silent until now:
IMG_8300.jpeg IMG_8301.jpeg

Lack of Response:
After multiple emails and an explicit request for a review, my efforts seemed to vanish into the abyss of Secure Parking's customer service. The lack of response and acknowledgement was not only unprofessional but also reflected a disregard for customer concerns and a fair dispute process. The silence was deafening and led me to question the integrity of their operations.

Fortunately, I was able to resolve the matter through my credit card company, which successfully processed a chargeback for the transaction. While the amount was trivial, the principle was not. It’s not about the $2.50; it’s about the principle, the professionalism, and the care (or lack thereof) that Secure Parking exhibited.

A Warning to Fellow Parkers:
Based on my experience, I urge caution to those considering parking with Secure Parking. The dispute process can be daunting, if not impossible. It seems there’s a stark contrast between the understanding nature of their customer service agent, Grace, who once said, "Fair enough, we'll refund this back to you since the dentist wasn't available," and the actual dispute resolution process.

Final Thoughts:
This incident is a reminder to all of us about the importance of vigilance in our transactions and the power of speaking up against unfair practices. Companies like Secure Parking need to be held accountable for their customer service and dispute resolution processes. It’s not just about a parking charge; it’s about the respect, professionalism, and responsiveness that every customer deserves.

As always, stay informed, be vigilant, and don’t hesitate to stand up for what’s right.
Following a series of communications, a pivotal update came from Mariela Martinez on 07/02/2024, where she requested my banking details for refund approval from the car park management:

I promptly provided the necessary information:

Ella quickly acknowledged my email, a stark contrast to my dealings with Aldrin Caranto, who was both unresponsive and irresponsible, never replying to my emails:

And by the evening of 08/02/2024, the $2.50 refund was credited to my account:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 11.31.35 AM.png

This experience, while frustrating, underscores the importance of persistence in seeking justice over seemingly minor disputes. It's not merely about the amount refunded but about the principle of fair treatment and the accountability of service providers. I hope my journey provides insight and encouragement to others facing similar situations.

Thanks heaps to everyone for your support throughout this process.
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