1. Andy

    Transparent dental retainer: The final result of #WonderSmile invisible aligners treatment

    In this video, I will share all my experiences during my dental care with invisible aligners, aka transparent braces. 00:00 Intro 00:38 Opening 01:00 WonderSmile recap part1 01:30 WonderSmile recap part2 02:45 WonderSmile recap part3 03:50 What kind of retainer that Andy get at the end of the...
  2. Andy

    #WonderSmile Aligner Follow up: After treatment has finished, but the teeth are still not neat

    In this vlog, we will follow up the WonderSmile part 3 treatment, because after finishing the treatment, the teeth are still not neat. 00:00 Intro 01:10 Where is the location of WonderSmile 01:45 The process of taking pictures of the teeth 8:05 am Dental unbox 08:45 The reason why it was...
  3. Andy

    Follow up #WonderSmile Aligner: WADUH, selesai treatment malah gigi atas & bawah nggak saling ketemu

    Dalam vlog kali ini, kita akan melakukan follow up treatment WonderSmile part 2, karena setelah selesai treatment, ternyata gigi atas dan gigi bawah nggak ketemu. 0:00 Opening 1:10 Proses foto untuk proses scan 3:20 Mulai di scan 9:00 Unbox follow box 10:35 Treatment dan plan yang di berikan...
  4. Andy

    #WonderSmile Aligner Review: ATTACH YOUR OWN BRACES

    Hello guys, In this video, we will unbox and review WonderSmile, where we can now straighten our teeth without the hassle of having to come regularly to the orthodontist, but just coming once to the WonderSmile office to scan our teeth, then they send the proposed treatment plan to us, if we...