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7 Jan 2019
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Our experience with Auto Garage was terrible, we went to Auto Garage for WoF and they failed our WoF, primarily due to tyre was different between front-left with the front-right.

Then we went to JP tyres (the shop next to it) as of Auto Garage’s recommendation and purchased the same tyre with our front-right (i.e. Blacklion Cilerro 175/65-R14).

fit cilero tyre.jpg

Higher Resolution:

After we completed the purchase and JP-tyres fitted the new tyre to our Honda Fit, we put the car overnight in Auto Garage as our car needs some WoF repairs (such as replacing the wheel bearings, top strut mounts, dead tail bulb, etc. Which actually we don’t know since we are not oto-savvy)

The cost was shockingly $1k. We’re okay with the price, but the strange thing is the next day we pick up our car after they finished the repairs and passed the WoF, our front-left vehicle has utterly different tyre like magic!

fit gallopro tyre.jpg

Higher Resolution:

They replaced with Jinyu Gallopro 175/65-R14, and yes, which means our front-left and front-right tyre are again, not the same). We have all the evidence including the detailed invoice from JP-tyre. It’s inevitable that we are now doubting what are the other original parts they might have swapped with the other dodgy or cheaper parts.

We strongly NOT suggest you to go to the following venue for both car servicing and WoF:
Auto Garage
78 Porana Road
Hillcrest, Auckland 0627
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