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  1. Andy

    How to install The Lounge web IRC chat on Ubuntu server with Let's Encrypt https

    This tutorial will guide you to install The Lounge on Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS. Log into the Ubuntu virtual machine and perform some initial setup before installing The Lounge: andy@thelounge:~$ sudo apt update andy@thelounge:~$ sudo apt upgrade andy@thelounge:~$ sudo apt dist-upgrade Install...
  2. Andy

    Manually rename ZNC username

    Instead of cloning a user, we can also manually edit the ZNC username on the znc.conf: Firstly you will need to shutdown your ZNC bouncer: /msg *status shutdown Then run the following command: saputra@cana:~$ nano .znc/configs/znc.conf Look for: <User currentusername> Type your new username...