• Most COVID-19 rules have ended in New Zealand.
    • You must still isolate for 7 days if you have COVID-19.
    • You must wear a face mask in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals. International travellers will not need proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
    From 13 September 2022, to enter New Zealand, you do not need proof of vaccination.


  1. Andy

    Fixing DirectAdmin: You (user) are not allowed to use this program (crontab)

    Scenario: You have granted a user package with Cron Jobs ticked, but when the user creates a cron job from DirectAdmin or from the shell, they got: saputra@cana:~$ crontab -l /etc/cron.deny: Permission denied You (saputra) are not allowed to use this program (crontab) See crontab(1) for more...