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  1. Andy

    Auto Provisioning 3CX Phones using Option 66 on a MikroTik router

    Option 66 is a feature that's available in most commercial grade routers which enables offering a 'provisioning server address' to any device on the same LAN and obtaining an IP via DHCP. This method of "broadcasting" the server address to multiple IP phones during the network boot up, versus...
  2. Andy

    3CX SSL certificate has expired

    Follow these steps to renew your 3CX SSL certificate (assuming that the PBX in question is SP0 as the last contact with 3CX servers has been made from a 15.5 SP0 – In this case, the system must be updated to the latest service pack) To force the update: If the version is lower than v15.5 SP2...
  3. Andy

    3CX NZ Setup Guide & Tutorial

    3CX Setup Guide for UFONE (Supported by 3CX) in New Zealand Firstly, make sure that the computer/server power scheme is on 'High performance' -- this ensures that the computer operates at maximum performance and it will not goes into sleep mode after 30 minutes (Windows default). Computer Name...
  4. Andy

    3CX Notes & Best Practices

    I attended 3CX training on 6-7 March 2017 at the Grand Millennium Hotel, Auckland CBD. Here are my notes and tips for 3CX best practices, please feel free to add by posting a comment down below. As of March 2017, Sonicwall Firewall requires a hotfix to be able to work properly with 3CX. SIP...