See/Recover Stored Wi-Fi Password in Windows

So you want to recover the Wi-Fi password you previously stored on your Windows? It is very simple, you will just need to execute two easy commands below.

Firstly, open up Command Prompt by clicking Start -ยป type: ‘cmd‘ then press Enter.

Type in:

C:\Users\Andy>netsh wlan show profiles

Profiles on interface Wi-Fi:

Group policy profiles (read only)

User profiles
All User Profile : CWMGuest5G
All User Profile : Mercury
All User Profile : SPARK-JVYXR4
All User Profile : Brick
All User Profile : Ellerslie
All User Profile : Telecom-8080
All User Profile : JR-WIFI
All User Profile : JEAL-WIRELESS
All User Profile : ANDY-IPHONE
All User Profile : Millennium Conference
All User Profile : BETHEL
All User Profile : CSC-Guest


And then to see the password, type in:

C:\Users\Andy>netsh wlan show profiles WIFI-SSID key=clear

Profile BETHEL on interface Wi-Fi:

Applied: All User Profile

Profile information
 Version : 1
 Type : Wireless LAN
 Name : BETHEL
 Control options :
 Connection mode : Connect automatically
 Network broadcast : Connect only if this network is broadcasting
 AutoSwitch : Do not switch to other networks
 MAC Randomization : Disabled

Connectivity settings
 Number of SSIDs : 1
 SSID name : "BETHEL"
 Network type : Infrastructure
 Radio type : [ Any Radio Type ]
 Vendor extension : Not present

Security settings
 Authentication : WPA2-Personal
 Cipher : CCMP
 Authentication : WPA2-Personal
 Cipher : Unknown
 Security key : Present
 Key Content : thiswillbethewifipassword

Cost settings
 Cost : Unrestricted
 Congested : No
 Approaching Data Limit : No
 Over Data Limit : No
 Roaming : No
 Cost Source : Default


Simply replace WIFI-SSID with your SSID you want to reveal the key.

Tested and working properly on Windows 10 Creators Update (Version: 1703 (Build: 10.0.15063.296))

Hope this helps, cheers!