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  1. Andy

    Creating SPF include record

    In this article, we will learn how to implement SPF include record, which can be very useful if you have large SPF records with many entries. Many people may not realise it, but the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) specification has a limit on the number of DNS lookups (10) required to fully...
  2. Andy

    How to compact a Linux .VHDX

    Do you have a Linux VM on a Hyper-V with a bloaty .VHDX? Then you are on the right page, follow these instructions down below: The idea is you need to TRIM your thin-provisioned drive first before you can compact your .VHDX Run fstrim on the Linux system. fstrim has become my personal...
  3. Andy

    Change Email Domain in SmarterMail Server

    If we ever need to change the email domain name on SmarterMail, here's quick tutorial on how to do it. Please refer to the following scenario: The Pretendco organisation is changing its domain from to, and the users (obviously) want to keep their email contents intact...
  4. Andy

    Setup MikroTik as L2TP/IPsec Dial-in VPN Server with all traffics are being routed

    Try to disable the "use-ipsec" option under L2TP server settings. Make sure you have only one static IPsec peer for and exchange-mode=main. Assign multiple identities for this peer with different pre-shared-key secrets. Lastly, make sure only IPsec encrypted traffic is allowed for L2TP...
  5. Andy

    Setup MikroTik as L2TP/IPsec Dial-in VPN Server with all traffics are being routed

    Hi @vdias, Upon reviewing the MikroTik changelog, I believe that was caused by the major changes that's implemented on the version v6.44 I personally not on the MikroTik stable release tree, but I only use long-term release tree. Try to use this command instead and see if it works:/ip ipsec...
  6. Andy

    Spark eSIM

    Hi guys, In order to make my iPhone XS Max dual-sim (i.e. having two numbers online at the same time), I decided to convert my Spark trio SIM card to an eSIM. The process was pretty straight forward, I went to the Spark store at Westfield Albany: They requested my EID number (we can get this...
  7. Andy

    How to update SAM Broadcaster Pro database connection

    If you ever need to update/modify database connection for SAM Broadcaster Pro, follow the instruction below: Close SAM Broadcaster process prior doing this, otherwise all changes will be reverted 😢 Open the following path:C:\Users\ESFM\AppData\Local\SpacialAudio\SAMBC The configuration is...
  8. Andy

    How to extend an EXT4 partition on Debian using parted and resize2fs [SOLVED]

    Follow my tutorial down below to extend your Linux partition: Firstly, we want to extend the partition using parted: root@cana:~# parted /dev/sda GNU Parted 3.2 Using /dev/sda Welcome to GNU Parted! Type 'help' to view a list of commands. (parted) resizepart 1...
  9. Andy

    Setup MikroTik as L2TP/IPSec VPN Server

    Cool bananas! We're glad that your issue has now been fixed. If you have anything else, let us know. We'd happy to help! 👍
  10. Andy

    Setup MikroTik as L2TP/IPSec VPN Server

    Hi @pravyroxor: Your VPN IP pool needs to be on the same network with your LAN IP. If you really need to use different network, you will need to configure a NAT between two network so they can talk with each other 🤝
  11. Andy

    Install macOS Mojave on VMware Fusion using original .ISO installer from Apple

    In this tutorial, we'll learn how to convert Install macOS to .ISO so we can use it to install on VMware Fusion 🥳 To create the macOS Mojave installer, you will need a working Mac with Apple ID logged in to the App Store. Go to App Store and 'Get' the macOS Mojave from the Utilities...
  12. Andy

    Migrate 3CX v15.5 Windows to v16 Debian Linux

    Here's my successful experience on how to migrate 3CX v15.5 (Windows) to 3CX v16 (Debian Linux) Project: Scenario: We have an old v15.5 3CX installation on a Windows Server 2016 on Microsoft Azure We used 3CX v15.5 - Update 2 (v15.5.6354.2) FULL installer that was released on 1st November 2017...
  13. Andy

    Top 15 Best Global Brands Ranking (2000-2018) in less than 2 minutes

    2 minute video shows moment tech companies eclipsed Coca-Cola, McDonalds. Up until 2013, soft drink giant Coca-Cola was the biggest global brand but was overtaken by Apple and Google, both rising at an exponential rate. McDonald's also featured high on the list until its growth started moving...
  14. Andy

    Free up disk space by reducing or disabling the system file

    Although using Compact OS can free up additional space, you should also consider that the pagefile.sys (virtual memory) and hiberfil.sys (hibernation data) can increase in size of the footprint even more, depending on the amount of memory in your device. For instance, if you have a tablet with...
  15. Andy

    Using Compact OS to safely reduce the size of Windows 10

    Compact OS technically is a replacement for WIMBoot which offered similar advantages. You can still use it, but the new mechanism is a lot easier to set up and deploy. It's worth noting that this guide focuses on using Compact OS on a computer already running Windows 10, but you can also use...
  16. Andy

    Enable TRIM for non-Apple SSD on macOS

    You can activate TRIM with trimforce. This command activates TRIM for every single SSD on your Mac. It disables the check that only allows TRIM to work with Apple-provided OEM solid-state drives. After you run it, TRIM will be enabled for all your solid-state drives. There is no way to enable...
  17. Andy

    XenForo mass delete approval queue

    Here's how to mass selects and deletes or reject them all without harming the database. Add the following URL to your browser as a bookmark (I recommend to put this on your bookmarks toolbar): javascript:(function(){ $('input[type="radio"][value="delete"]').click(); }()) You can also slightly...
  18. Andy

    How to enable PHP GMP --with-gmp on DirectAdmin CustomBuild

    If you want to add any extra modules to PHP, they'll most likely need to be compiled in. Any module that needs to be compiled in will have a --with-gmp type flag which will need to be used. First, figure out which configure file your system is using. Type: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild...
  19. Andy

    MYOB cannot see mapped network drives

    If your MYOB is running as Administrator, and you have User Account Control turned on, MYOB may be unable to access some network locations. This problem occurs because User Account Control treats members of the Administrators group as standard users. To fix this issue permanently, we need to...
  20. Andy

    WordPress: How to fix replace old URL with new URL on WP content, excerpts, links and custom fields

    One common problem with moving WordPress to a new domain or directory is that updating the settings does not update the permalinks or URLs embedded in the content. This means that images and other uploaded content will not show up! This plug-in fixes that problem. It updates all URLs and...