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  1. Andy

    Flatmates wanted in Silverdale, Rodney, Auckland

    The room has now been rented. Stay tuned by adding this page to your watch list and select receive email notifications 🔥 By doing that, you will receive an email notification when the room becomes available again 👍
  2. Andy

    Install SSL certificate on DirectAdmin hostname using Let's Encrypt

    Follow the tutorial down below to enhance your DirectAdmin Login Page with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate: cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts ./letsencrypt.sh request_single your.server-hostname.com 4096 The script above will also install the new cert/key/ca files in all respective global places...
  3. Andy

    Set IP address, join domain, configure firewall, rename and activate computer using command prompt

    Here are the essentials commands you need to configure your Windows Server Core instance. Follow this tutorial to carry on these tasks with command prompt: Set a static IP address At a command prompt, type: netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces Make a note of the number shown in the "Idx"...
  4. Andy

    Touch ID on my iPhone/iPad doesn't work [SOLVED]

    Follow these steps to remedy your issue. If your Touch ID doesn't work, are you currently charging your device? If so, try to unplug your iPhone/iPad from the charger. If your Touch ID works after unplugging the charger, then the problem was caused by your charger (or your USB charging cable...
  5. Andy

    MikroTik Site-to-Site IPsec Tunnel for RouterOS v6.45+

    Follow this easy seven steps, and you'll get your MikroTik IPsec Site-to-Site Tunnel established 🤓 This is the updated version of my original easy guide on how to set up MikroTik Site-to-Site IPsec Tunnel. Tested on RouterOS v6.45.9 and it's fully working & functional. If you are working from...
  6. Andy

    Implementing DNS over HTTPS (DoH) on MikroTik routers to avoid man in the middle attacks

    Starting from RouterOS version v6.47 it is possible to use DNS over HTTPS (DoH). DoH uses the HTTPS protocol to send and receive DNS requests for better data integrity. Its main goal is to provide privacy by eliminating the man in the middle attacks (MITM). Currently, DoH is not compatible with...
  7. Andy

    How to reset Windows Administrator password [SOLVED]

    Follow this guide if you lost all of your Windows Administrator passwords. As one of the official mirror of Hiren's BootCD, we'd encourage you to use Hiren to carry this task as it's a super easy and relatively safe process. Download Hiren from the following link...
  8. Andy

    How to clear DNS cache on my Mac? [Solved]

    Step 1: Open the Terminal Navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal Step 2: Flush DNS - Type the following command and hit enter. Mac OS X Yosemite and later sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder Mac OS X Yosemite v10.10 through v10.10.3 sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache Mac OS X Mavericks...
  9. Andy

    Moving photos off iPhone to both iCloud and Google Photos

    Hi @Danielle, Thanks for popping into our office today and it was great to see you again 😃 To sum things up: Google Photos had a syncing issue with the iCloud, we removed Google Photos, and the syncing issue appears resolved; As you have an active iCloud subscription with Optimise iPhone...
  10. Andy

    SmarterMail WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED! [SOLVED]

    Follow this tutorial to update SmarterMail ClamAV engine. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete this task. Symptoms: We keep getting these error messages on the following log file: C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\Service\Clam\log\freshclam.log ClamAV update process started...
  11. Andy

    Moving photos off iPhone to both iCloud and Google Photos

    Did you previously have your photos uploaded to Google Photos before you have your iPhone? If so, we'd need to import the photos on Google Photos to your iPhone first, and then use iCloud as the sole provider. I don't find much benefit from having 2 cloud providers, using iCloud is sufficient.
  12. Andy

    Moving photos off iPhone to both iCloud and Google Photos

    Hi @Danielle, If you have an iPhone, I'd suggest going with the iCloud plan. iCloud can help you manage and optimises the storage on your phone automatically. You wouldn't need to worry about your device storage space and, all of your photos will be available on both the cloud as well as your...
  13. Andy

    OSIM uStiletto 360° leg massager for sale

    Have you missed to buy the legendary OSIM uStiletto in store? We have a couple of brand new refurbished in stock. Only two-unit left in stock, all in the most favourable Handsome Cream colour, grab them fast! No other leg massager can compare with the comfort of OSIM uStilleto. OSIM uStilleto...
  14. Andy

    Flatmates wanted in Silverdale, Rodney, Auckland

    We're currently looking for a flatmate in Silverdale area, the only ensuite with just only $195 per week. Very convenient if you study or work in Silverdale or Rodney's surrounding areas, such as Millwater, Red Beach, Orewa, Stanmore Bay, or Whangaparaoa. Location: Silverdale, Rodney...
  15. Andy

    MikroTik Site-to-Site IPsec Tunnel

    Hi @Edwink, All good mate, I look forward to hearing your IPsec tunnel up and running! Let's try a different approach, go to your IPsec -> Identities, create a new peer identity with port override on the Generate Policy. By doing port override, phase 2 will be dynamic, meaning you don't...
  16. Andy

    Setting up a Linux swap

    How to add Swap File Follow these steps to add 1GB of swap to your server. If you want to add 2GB instead of 1 GB, replace 1G with 2G. Create a file that will be used for swap:root@cana:/# fallocate -l 1G /swapfileIf fallocate is not installed or if you get an error message saying fallocate...
  17. Andy

    How to add a Linux swap on Azure

    Azure instances have temporary storage, on Linux instances, it's not mounted by default. For example, let's have a look at B1ms: B1ls is available only on Linux for the best customer experience. Windows is not supported because the minimum recommended memory for the Windows OS is larger than...
  18. Andy

    How to install The Lounge web IRC chat on Ubuntu server with Let's Encrypt https

    This tutorial will guide you to install The Lounge on Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS. Log into the Ubuntu virtual machine and perform some initial setup before installing The Lounge: andy@thelounge:~$ sudo apt update andy@thelounge:~$ sudo apt upgrade andy@thelounge:~$ sudo apt dist-upgrade Install...
  19. Andy

    Manually rename ZNC username

    Instead of cloning a user, we can also manually edit the ZNC username on the znc.conf: Firstly you will need to shutdown your ZNC bouncer: /msg *status shutdown Then run the following command: saputra@cana:~$ nano .znc/configs/znc.conf Look for: <User currentusername> Type your new username...
  20. Andy

    MikroTik L2TP over IPsec VPN Server Tutorial Guide for RouterOS v6.44+

    I had similar issue with yours before, it's a site-to-site tunnel and they're using the same key, the problem was one site works and another site doesn't work, I rekeyed and both now working fine. There must be a memory issue on the RouterOS. By the way, what RouterOS version are you running?